San Francisco Artifact Reviews "Below the Fold"




Visionary Photographer Adam Kant Turns His Lens on the Peninsula




When Art Meets Commerce: The Kinetic Sculpture


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Gloria Wallace:
Below the Fold

ends 03/23/2023



Jordan Obrien:
Future Interrupted

ends 05/10/2023

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002- Distant view of Black's bridge
003-fallen tree Huston woods
004-Fort Lauderdale Florida
005-Yalku Lagoon akumal Mexico
020 Yakul Lagoon
021 Covered Bridge Oxford Ohio
055  Two Trees Standing Sentenal
027 Creek Pamajera
057 Mexico Palms
064 Trees Mid Creek
082 Small Waterfall - Drought
153 House on Rt
161 Yalku lagoon south #II
168 Environs of Pamajera #170 (at foot o
244 Pineapple Palm, San Miguel, MX
285 Condo at shore, Akumal, Mexico
305 House on Rt. 732 late afternoon
332 Environs of Pamajera #135, (used as
363 Yalku lagoon South, #I
408 Farm Equipment
486 Big tree before pond seen laterally.
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